Move Ithaca Forward

We can address the housing crisis from two sides by increasing the supply and stimulating the economy to improve opportunity.

A more accessible, connected, and economically vibrant city reduces sprawl and improves lives.

The future of Ithaca relies on educated decision-making.
  • Improving Civic Engagement

    It will be my job to connect you with your government. Let’s work together, doing more to channel new ideas to city leaders and strengthen neighborhood groups.
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  • Addressing the housing crisis

    Stop residents from being priced out of the city by encouraging downtown mixed-use housing, fighting for affordable units in new development, and reducing the tax burden on longtime homeowners.
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  • Repairing our infrastructure

    Encouraging sustainable living requires improving pedestrian safety, increasing the number and safety of bike lanes, and supporting TCAT. We need renewed focus on long-neglected roads and flood control channels.
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  • Modernizing the Economy

    To stimulate a more diversified set of industries, we can expand incubators, encourage broadband competition or municipal internet, and provide workforce training in growing fields.
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